Spectrum and Xfinity offer wireless deals that explode, And that sucks.


The Broadband BS Fund

Spectrum and Xfinity offered what seems like good deals for a year or two, but then they raise customers’ rates and – BOOM – exploding bills, leaving them with sudden bill shock. We call that a bunch of yada yada. We’re taking a stand against yada yada, so we’re calling them out with a fund up to $1 million to pay people back for those bill surprises. Because with Metro, there’s Nada Yada Yada.

Get some relief from
Big Cable’s yada yada.

Spectrum and Xfinity wrote the Big Cable playbook on price hikes, and now they’re bringing their annoying plays to wireless, luring customers in with introductory promos and hitting them with exploding bills when they expire.

Enter Metro. We hate that, so we’re going to do something about it. Share your story of Big Cable trauma with us and we’ll help cover your costs with a $45 Visa eRewards Card.* Plus, if you’re a Metro customer still using Big Cable for your home internet, and you’re getting slapped with exploding internet bills, we’ll help out with that too! It's all first-come, first-served until the cash runs out!

*NO PUR. NEC. 18+, US, DC, & PR. Ends 12/08/2023. See full rules below. Void where prohibited.

Wireless without the gotcha.

Many carriers claim to offer great deals, but when you dig deeper, it turns out there’s unexplained charges, contracts and other yada yada. And, the cable guys like Spectrum and Xfinity add even more yada yada with added fees, confusing terms, and more.

While the competition makes promises with plenty of yada yada, at Metro, there’s Nada Yada Yada. If you're ready to break up with Big Cable, bring your phone and number to a Metro store and get one line of Unlimited 5G for just $25 per month.*

*The first month is $30, but autopay knocks it down to $25 every month after. “No Price Hikes” means when you join Metro, we won’t change what you pay for talk, text and smartphone data on our network…ever…for as long as you keep your plan. But limited-time promos ending, the cost of third-party services increasing, or using per-use services might change your monthly price. New customers only.
Share your wireless trauma, get relief.
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